Copy & Paste Our Best 101 Email Subject Lines [PDF Download]

email-subject-line-best-practicesWe send email to millions of people… every week.

We’ve learned a thing or two about writing email subject lines that get opened.

Our best 101 email subject lines are all yours in just a second…

… but first let’s look at the elements that make these email subject lines successful.

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EVERY subject line below contains at least one of these 7 elements:

1 – Self Interest

The most straight forward and clear method for writing an email subject line is to communicate how opening the email will benefit the reader.

How will the content of your email get them something they want? Or, how will it protect them against something they don’t want?

2 – News

You can pull great open rates by communicating that your email contains something that is new to the reader.

3 – Curiosity

A well crafted curiosity based email subject line will often get outstanding open rates.  That said, a curiosity based email subject line will often fail miserably.  Where possible, combine one of these other elements (particularly News or Self Interest) with curiosity .

4 – Social Proof

People make decisions, in part, by observing the decisions other people have made.  Effective email subject lines often provide proof that other people have made the choice you would like your reader to make.

Have an impressive number of people already made the choice you’d like your reader to make?

5 – Urgency/Scarcity

A powerful element to add to any email subject line is a legitimate reason to act NOW.  The best way to move someone to action is to communicate that the resource you’re promising in the email is finite in some way.

Can you use, for example, deadlines, limited quantities or seating limitations to communicate urgency or scarcity in your email subject line?

6 – Story

An email subject line that tells the beginning of a story can be effective.  The subject line will need to create curiosity to get opened.

How can your email be wrapped in a story?

7 – Humanity

In the end… people do business with people.  Remember to mix some humanity in with your promotional and content email.

How can you connect person to person with your reader?

But don’t do this…

Perhaps more importantly — NONE of our best email subject lines are:

  • Cute
  • Clever

Ok… almost none of our best are cute or clever.  Every once in a great while a cute or clever subject line will work… most of the time they will get low open rates.

For the most part it pays to be direct and clear.

Ok… let’s take a look at our top email subject lines.

We begin with the 10th best email subject line…

10.  Breaking News…

  • Product: Black Friday Webinar
  • Product Type:  Webinar
  • Open Rate: 7.6%
  • Analysis:  This subject line promises that the reader will find something timely and unknown if they open up.

9.  Facebook traffic is dead?

  • Product: Facebook Ad Power
  • Product Type: Course/Information Product
  • Open Rate: 7.6%
  • Analysis:  This subject line creates plays on a reader’s self interest — particularly those that are using or are considering using Facebook for business.

8.  Everybody’s waiting for you…

  • Product: Funnel Webinar
  • Product Type: Webinar
  • Open Rate: 7.7%
  • Analysis:  This is a clever way to use urgency in an email subject line.  This email was sent a couple of minutes after we started the webinar it was promoting.

7.  Kindle bestseller in 4 days?

  • Product: Facebook Ad Power
  • Product Type: Course/Information Product
  • Open Rate: 7.8%
  • Analysis:  This subject line promises a benefit in a short amount of time — a good example of a self-interest subject line.

6.  Watch live?  From anywhere?

  • Product: Traffic & Conversion Summit (Event)
  • Product Type: Event
  • Open Rate: 8.0%
  • Analysis:  This subject line creates curiosity.  It creates the following question in the reader’s mind: “Watch what from anywhere?”

5.  Facebook closing down?

  • Product: Facebook Ad Power
  • Product Type: Course/Information Product
  • Open Rate: 8.0%
  • Analysis:  This is a curiosity subject line that implies that something of self-interest to the reader might be going away.

4.  I feel kinda sorry for you…

  • Product: Facebook Ad Power
  • Product Type: Course/Information Product
  • Open Rate: 8.2%
  • Analysis:  This subject line plays on the reader’s ego and creates curiosity.

3.  How to scale your business

  • Product: The Amazing Selling Machine
  • Product Type: Course/Information Product
  • Open Rate: 9.5%
  • Analysis:  This is a clear and direct self-interest subject-line.

2 .  Good news for people who love bad news…

  • Product: Traffic & Conversion Summit (Event)
  • Product Type: Event
  • Open Rate: 9.6%
  • Analysis:  This one creates curiosity through a cute and clever use of word play.

 1.  Can’t Make The Trip?

  • Product: Traffic & Conversion Summit (Event)
  • Product Type: Event
  • Open Rate: 9.8%
  • Analysis:  This curiosity subject line asks a question

Ok… that’s the Top 10.  But there’s more… here are the next 90 email subject lines that enjoyed the highest open rates.

  • Your funnel is broken… – Self Interest
  • [New Video] 1,000,000 customers in 11 months? We have proof. – News | Self Interest
  • Need my help? – Self Interest | Curiosity
  • Ahhh, San Diego! Spanish for… – Curiosity
  • I LOVE this little Facebook tool! – Self Interest
  • [URGENT] Emergency Gmail Webinar Tomorrow, 7/24! Urgency | News
  • The Story of “The Vagabonds” – Story | Curiosity
  • My favorite market research tool – Self Interest
  • Get your business funded in 2014 [Case Study] – News | Self Interest
  • Copy & paste this $10 million business… – Self Interest
  • (time sensitive) Last night’s Funnel training… – Urgency
  • The Ultimate Facebook “Cheat Sheet” – Self Interest
  • Create your own digital magazine (no iPhone/iPad required) – Self Interest
  • Will this KILL your business in 2014? – Curiosity | News | Self Interest
  • Questions about War Room? – Self Interest
  • [TONIGHT] My proven funnel system revealed… Urgency | Self Interest
  • [Last Chance] Create the perfect funnel… – Urgency | Self Interest
  • [PROOF] How to get 10 cent email leads from Facebook… – Self Interest
  • [Free Book] The $10 million discovery (limited) – Self Interest | News | Scarcity
  • Boost your email clickthroughs by 200% – Self Interest
  • No more discounts on T&C! – Self Interest | Scarcity
  • Facebook sucks – Curiosity
  • [FLASH SALE] This is how we get traffic from Amazon – Urgency | Self Interest
  • [Open NOW] The Digital Publishing Blueprint is LIVE! – News | Self Interest
  • The Perfect Webinar Funnel – Self Interest
  • Tim Ferriss says “Hi” – Social Proof
  • Pulling FBAdpower DOWN… – Scarcity
  • LAST CHANCE for Livestreaming… – Urgency
  • New site and new sales in 3 days or less?! – Self Interest
  • 1 cent CLICKS?! (open up)… – Self Interest | Curiosity
  • I hope they’re not mad… – Curiosity
  • [Closing Tomorrow] Don’t get shut out… again! – Urgency
  • Good News… Your 1st sale in 3 days… – Self Interest
  • How I get dirt-cheap, high-quality traffic… – Self Interest
  • [FINAL PLAYING] Emergency Gmail Webinar! Urgency | News
  • Will 2014 be better than 2013? – Curiosity | News
  • T&C CLOSING! Only 61 spots left! – Scarcity
  • Facebook “panic” is great news for you… – News | Self Interest
  • [CLOSING TONIGHT] T&C tickets GONE tonight… – Scarcity
  • [JUST RELEASED] More T&C Tickets Available… – News | Urgency
  • Software cherry-picks the hottest leads for you… – Self Interest
  • Free 68 page book Interview With A Mega-Bestseller – Self Interest
  • [FLASH SALE] Get targeted FB leads for dirt cheap… – Urgency | Self Interest
  • [Finally] Get this Proven Digital Marketing Blueprint – Self Interest | News
  • 85% sale ends today – Urgency
  • You an Amazon Bestseller? – Self Interest
  • Last chance – T&C Closing at Midnight TONIGHT! – Urgency
  • Important letter for you – Curiosity
  • [NEWS] EmailWorld 2013 Sept. 24th and 25th in San Diego, CA – News
  • Announced 306% increase in FB traffic? – News | Self Interest
  • Facebook OWNS Google… – Curiosity
  • [Almost Gone] New T&C Tickets going fast… – Scarcity
  • [IMPORTANT] Gmail Webinar TODAY! – Urgency
  • Only open if your business will do at least 7-figures this year… – Curiosity | Self Interest
  • Apple Newsstand training is CLOSING – Urgency
  • FW: Did you miss this yesterday? – Curiosity
  • Merry Christmas to You! – Humanity
  • Can I help you build your sales funnel? – Self Interest
  • “Panda” update for Facebook? – Curiosity | News
  • Press Releases More Powerful Than Ever? – News | Curiosity
  • Last chance for Apple Newsstand training [FREE RESOURCE] – Urgency | Self Interest
  • Interact with the industry’s brightest minds at the QuickSprout Forum – Self Interest
  • You on Facebook? – Curiosity
  • Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products – Self Interest
  • 100,000 unique visitors PER MONTH… – Self Interest
  • The “Mystery Man” Behind 500 Product Launches… – Curiosity | News
  • This 1 “weird trick” is worth the trip – Curiosity | Self Interest
  • Arrested for printing money? – Curiosity | News
  • Can we meet in San Diego? – Curiosity | Self Interest
  • Bad news and good news… – Curiosity | News
  • T&C is selling out! Only 32 seats left! – Scarcity
  • Ex-construction worker earns $309/day with… – Story | News
  • This Free book changed my business… – Curiosity | Self Interest
  • The free books are all gone… – Curiosity | Scarcity
  • [NEWS] 5th Annual Traffic & Conversion Summit OPEN – News
  • [80% Discount] Game-changing software… – Self Interest
  • Content idea generator [Free Resource 1 of 3] – Self Interest
  • [RESULTS] My Facebook Case Study – Self Interest | News
  • THIS Increased Conversions 24%?!? – Self Interest | News
  • FINAL NOTICE: Only 11 seats left! – Scarcity
  • Only 187 free copies of Frank’s book left… – Scarcity
  • No list & NO partners = sales in 3 days?! – Self Interest | Curiosity
  • Your “On Demand” bootcamp replay… – Self Interest
  • Happy Thanksgiving! – Humanity
  • How I “busted-up” Google’s monopoly… – Curiosity | News
  • [SPOOKY NOTICE] 82% off T&C Tickets (CLOSING 24 hours) – Urgency
  • Your DEADline is tonight! 82% off dies at midnight… – Urgency
  • If I had to start all over again… – Story
  • Wanna pick an $80 Million brain… – Curiosity | Self Interest
  • [REVEALED] Turn Likes into email subscribers fast… – News | Self Interest

It’s your turn to provide #101.  Give us your best email subject line in the comments below.

[FREE PDF] Download and print our best email subject lines here

NOTE:  You can also download this Free 3-Part Email series here… you can swipe these and use them to increase your sales.  Each email in the series uses either Gain, Logic or Fear to get a response. Download these email templates by clicking here.


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